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Happy monday everyone! So how are you? Hm nampak tak title tu? well yes! today i would like share something new with uguys! But before that, aku nak cerita something! Hari tu aku nak keluar dengan fam aku, and masalah besar yang aku hadapi is, nak cari baju. Urgh i freaking hate it bila rasa macam tak de baju nak pakai or korang asyik pakai baju yang sama everytime keluar. Srsly. So if you guys rasa pernah lalui benda yang sama, yay kita geng!

Back to our main topic, what is, new look?

New look was established in Somerset, United Kingdom in 1969, New Look is considered as one of the most fast growing fashion retailers in the world with a record of more than 1000 stores around the globe. Ever-changing with brilliant marketing plan to expand and evolve, New Look has been taking the fashion world by storm!

If you want to look hot, stylish and fresh then this is the one brand that you want to have in your list. I swear, this brand offer you the best, gorgeous and a wide selection of fashion items such as handbag, clothing and shoes. 

You can get New Look dress online if you happen to not have the luxury of free time going out for shopping. Plus, everything from New Look, is so reasonable. Im really recommended for you guys to check it out! As you can see, those two dresses are my favourites!

The first dress is very beautiful as it is crafted with soft and lightweight fabric. Definitely a good choice for a relaxed and ultra-comfy fit. The lovely wrap front design and pretty floral prints exude classic femininity.

For the second dress, as you can see, is given with a perfect ‘60s touch with sultry bardot neckline. This brand adds this lovely dress with beautiful floral prints which complete the dress with a modern and feminine look. 

Also, New Look has one of the best lines of handbags for women. You can carry all your essentials in style with New Look bags which are designed wonderfully for a sophisticated chic ensemble. You can carry these bags from New Look around without getting out of style. So, no more worries after this ok girls? Even if you have it, all you gotta do is, buy a new handbag from New Look!

To those who still looking for a new style, you can take a look from a New Look. I think, that's all for today, Bye, Assalamualaikum

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